Next Course of Action

Wow, it’s been so long since I last posted.

Anyway, I’ve made my decision. I won’t be continuing the Morrowind LP.

It’s not that I don’t like Morrowind or that I don’t like doing the LP. It’s that it was my first playthrough and I felt like I haven’t had a chance to totally immerse in the game world like I had in Oblivion. And without having a bit of familiarity, the narrative would probably run all over the place (such as getting the Dark Brotherhood trying to kill me despite not being at the point in the game where it would make sense for them too.)

I’d like to have an honest playthrough first, and then I’d like the LP to be something one where I try out something new while having a better “structure” story to present. (Structure being used loosely here.)

I’ll probably do Oblivion next, once a Steam sale hits low enough ūüėõ

Or I could do a little Mount&Blade Warband. I haven’t touched it in a long time, and it seems to be something which I can afford to update more sporadically to go with my having less free time from when I first started this blog.

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Update on Morrowind

Been a long time since I posted, I know. A few months ago, I got a new laptop and was too lazy to reinstall all my Morrowind mods (even though there’s not that many of them) and on top of that, I have trouble choosing a food/drink/sleep mod.

And now, I’m tempted to try out Morrowind Overhaul 3.0. Also, I’m tempted to start over because the Dark Brotherhood attack came way too early and I find it breaks the narrative flow.

So, any suggestions?

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Something new?

So I’ve been thinking of adding another game to this site. Not that I’m bored with Morrowind already, oh no, ¬†but my game habits has me constantly jumping into whatever mood I feel like, hopefully within reason. Having too many active unfinished games in your backlog makes it harder to tick them off one by one.

The game I’m thinking off is Temple of Elemental Evil. Haven’t played it yet so I don’t know how well it would lend to the format, but I imagine I can turn out shorter entries so they act as little sides in between the main course that is Morrowind. Opinions?

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Morrowind Entry 26

20th Day of Hearthfire

In the wee hours of the morning, I departed Pelagiad. Except for one instance of cliff racer swooping down on me -a frequent hazard- my trek was without nuisance.

As promised, Sharn gra-Muzgob gave me information on the Nerevarine Prophecies in exchange for the skull. Like it was with Hasphat Antabolis, she handed me a set of notes for the spymaster’s perusal. Reading through them, it is obvious that Sharn had put in much effort. Whatever she plans to do with the skull, it must surely be of importance for her to dedicate this much.

According to the Ashlanders, natives of Vvardenfell, the Temple abandoned the teachings of their Prophet Veloth and the traditional ancestor and daedra worship by instituting the Tribunal as false gods. In the Nerevarine Prophecies, Lord Nerevar would be reincarnated for the purpose of casting down the Tribunal and restoring Dunmeri tradition, whilst expelling outlanders from the boundaries of Resdayn, the ancient name of the Dunmeri state in present-day Morrowind.¬†According to legend, Nerevar possessed a magical ring named “One-Clan-Upon-Moon-and-Star” which the Ashlanders claim he swore upon to uphold the ancient traditions and borders.

That, of course, is blasphemous to the Temple and treasonous to the Empire, hence the outlawing of the Nerevarine Cult. The Prophecies still persist among the Ashlander tribes, however.

The notes also mentioned that dreams and visions are regarded as portentous in Ashlander traditions.  Like many Saxhleel and as one raised in Empire culture, I do not normally pay heed to dreams. Even so, I cannot help but think back to my dream last night, hoping that interpretation of dreams is mere superstition.

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The Morrowind Travels: Intermission 3

Since I got Oblivion, which is the first in the series for me, I’ve included eating in my roleplaying. Then I played Fallout 3 and thought it really needed survival gameplay, which New Vegas gave. That made me happy. For some time now, I’ve wanted Dances-in-Twilight to feel hunger, thirst, and sleepiness instead of me pretending that she does so. Hence, I will be introducing the next mod to join my play.

Necessities of Morrowind – Adds the need to eat, drink, and sleep. To compliment these features, you can cook, make drinks, and rent rooms for more than a day. This is a pretty well known mod and I wonder why I haven’t thought to download it until now

On another note, GoldFire’s Darker Nights doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me. If anyone knows of another mod of that nature, please tell me!

>> Morrowind Entry 26

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Morrowind Entry 25

19th Day of Hearthfire

For the rest of the night, I slept peacefully though I still cannot quite dislodge the golden masked figure from my mind.

The morning was rainy as I made my way to the Mages Guild. Up till now, Sharn gra-Muzgob’s interactions with me were always coloured with irritation. Today, she spoke more cordially, after I revealed my association with Caius Cosades. If Sharn had hoped that I stop suspecting her of necromancy, the nature of the errand she asked of me would not have helped. ¬†I was to trespass into the Andrano Ancestral Tomb and take from it the skull of a Llevule Andrano. How I was to identify Llveule’s skull was to look for ritual markings carved into it. Sharn claimed that he was but a journeyman enchanter in life, but I am not sure I believe it. Nevertheless, the grisly task is something I must do if I want my answers.

Where I would find the Andrano  Tomb, I already knew. On my travels, I had passed it at least twice. Sharn warned me of spirits guarding the tomb and gave me the Fireblade, a shortsword enchanted with fire magic, to ensure I would have a means of dealing with them.

Revisiting the Andrano Ancestral Tomb.

Revisiting the Andrano Ancestral Tomb.

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Morrowind Entry 24

18th Day of Hearthfire

What a dreadful vision! I know not why I feel that I must note this down, but I fear I might forget the details when I need them.

How long have I slept? I dare not go outside to consult the moons. I only remember lying on the bed for one moment, and then dreaming the terrible dream for the next.

In the dream, I was led by a tall person wearing a golden mask. It appeared to be a wedding we were at, but everyone else was dead. Many voices spoke, but no lips moved. I tried to breath, but I could not.  The masked figure spoke with each corpse as he passed them, acting as  though they were living but of course, they could not answer. I tried to scream, but there was no sound.

Could it be a mere dream and nothing more? I honestly cannot tell. However, the impression it had on me is too deep. My circumstances are strange. It would not be far-fetched to assume that this dream may somehow be tied to my destiny here, whatever it is.

I shall return to bed and hope to get my rest. There is no doubt in my mind that tomorrow will be as demanding as today and yesterday.

>> Morrowind Entry 25

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Morrowind Entry 23

18th Day of Hearthfire

Yesterday’s expedition to Arkngthand yielded a substantial amount of gold, even if much of it was from loot taken from the bodies of brigands who attacked me. ¬†Numerous pieces of Dwemer tableware were untouched when I left, so I returned to the ruins with the expectation of making a few hundred gold pieces more.

Possibly a Dwemer oven.

Possibly a Dwemer oven.

Dwemer table.

Dwemer table.

Dwemer shelf.

Dwemer shelf.

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Morrowind Entry 22

17th Day of Hearthfire

I have earned a small amount of repute and a middling rank in the Mages Guild. What Spymaster Caius Cosades has asked me to accomplish, I have done so in so short a time. Surely he would be ready to give me new orders, I thought, and so I returned to Balmora early in the morning. There would be no need to further associate myself with Edwinna Elbert.

But before I visited Caius, I stopped at the Eight Plates and performed a juggling act. The coin is encouraging, yes, but the truth is that juggling has a therapeutic effect on me. When I was a hatchling in Black Marsh, my clan was visited by a circus. I was most impressed by a juggler of six swords and sought to emulate the feat with fallen twigs. Juggling demands much concentration and I later found myself forgetting my anxieties whenever I attempt a complex set of moves. The applause of an audience is very pleasant, I find, though I would not have known this if I had not thought of using my hobby for money. Now I perform whenever I have time.

Caiuswas already awake when I met him at eight in the morning. He did not mention it and I did not ask if he followed my exploits, though I would like to know. We immediately discussed my orders, which is to talk to a Hasphat Antabolis from the Balmora Fighters Guild. I was to ask what he knew about a secret Nerevarine cult and a secret Sixth House cult. Continue reading

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Morrowind Entry 21

16th Day of Hearthfire

There is a Dunmer woman who studies in the Ald’ruhn Mages Guild. Today morning, I spoke to her for the first time and she revealed an interesting piece of gossip about Edwinna Elbert: That she is attempting to create Dwemer Centurions of her own, and thinks she is close to achieving it with a “few more” Dwemer artifacts. The student was also worried about the Empire finding out about her activities as it would bring trouble to the Ald’ruhn branch.

This is worrying. Were there an investigation, I could likely be seen as an accomplice for having helped her acquired the Chronicles of Nchuleft. Should I keep my distance from Edwinna or would my unique circumstances grant me immunity?

While I did, and still do, mull over that question, there was a need to discuss my advancement with Edwinna. My ability to apply illusion magic has earned me the title of Conjurer. But to claim the rank, 200 septims worth of guild dues had to be paid. Embarrassingly, I had forgotten that paying dues would be required of me and was slightly surprised. Thankfully, Saxhleel expressions are usually unreadable to Men and Mer.

Edwinna let me know that she had been waiting for a Detect Creatures potion from Skink-in-Tree’s-Shade, the steward of the Sadrith Mora branch. For a very long time too. Of course, I offered to deliver the potion to her.

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